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Looking Back… 100 years ago – Peterborough Uniting Church

From ‘The Australian Christian Commonwealth‘ – 30 November 1917… News of the celebration of the recent anniversary of the Petersburg Methodist Church. In July 1918, Petersburg became Peterborough when the South Australian Government changed names of many German sounding places. The Uniting Church still has an active congregation in Peterborough ( Happy Anniversary Peterborough 


Looking Back… 60 years ago – SA Methodist Historical Society

From The South Australian Methodist – 15 November 1957 News on the South Australian Methodist Society after their 1957 Annual meeting. In 1977, the South Australian Methodist Society became the UCA Historical Society in South Australia (this organisation).


Looking back… 70 years ago – All Saints Uniting Church (Plympton)

From the ‘South Australian Methodist’ – 11 November 1947 70 years ago Plympton Methodist Church was getting ready to celebrate its centenary… Now known as All Saints Uniting Church regular worship (and many other groups) still happen at the site. Happy 170th anniversary!