Church Records

Have you ever wondered what church records needs to be kept? Or what items should be sent to the History Centre? Or even what sort of items we hold at the History Centre?

Our information on Dealing with Historical Records should provide the information you need.

On this Day…

A calendar of celebrations and commemorations of the Uniting Church (and Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches) in South Australia since 1836. This page is being regularly updated with the celebrations, commemorations and information about the churches and people

Oral History Project

In 2021, we began an oral history project to add to our valuable collection of historical records. This project continues as we want to capture people’s experiences of the Uniting Church and/or its antecedent denominations in South Australia before that history is lost.

We need volunteers – people to volunteer as interviewers or prepared to be interviewees.
Training will be organised for interviewers in association with Oral History SA and the State Library of SA.

If you’d like to volunteer in some way, we would love to hear from you. Our contact details are on the right.

Research Query

We would love to help you with your research (if we can). Please complete the form on this page as it will help us to help you.