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Adventures with the Spirit: stories of Mission in South Australia

ADVENTURES WITH THE SPIRIT: Stories of Mission in South Australia“.   Edited by Rosemary Dewerse, this book – the work of thirteen local historians, provides snapshots of a range of South Australian mission initiatives from the last 180 years.  Accompanied by archival and recent-day photos, the result is a visual and written feast that younger and older readers alike will enjoy.

Cost $20 (plus postage & handling).



Biggsbook cover

“An Ecumenical Adventure: a history of the Adelaide College of Divinity, 1979-2009” by Rev Dr Charles Biggs.

The Adelaide College of Divinity began in 1979 and was the result of the close cooperation between the major Churches and their theological colleges. ..

Rev. Dr. Charles Biggs was Lecturer in Old Testament at Parkin-Wesley College. He was part of the group that negotiated the formation of the Adelaide College of  Divinity and the association with Flinders University.

This book was published in 2011.

$25 (plus postage and handling)


Teds Book Cover“Bible Christian Methodists in South Australia 1850 – 1900” by Rev E.A. Curnow.  2015.

This remarkable story documented for the first time in detail from first-hand colonial reports, captures the passion of ministers and lay people alike to build chapels and to establish a ‘new world’ on Christian values. They left their homeland, family and friends to venture into an arid frontier on the other side of the world. The Movement was born in controversy and its story still reaches out to challenge the status quo and mediocrity of our times. The book describes an impossible mission built on the ‘pennies and prayers of the poor’ amid isolation, sickness, sacrifice, exciting revivals and growth. It details the history and describes many small country chapels with numerous names of early settlers. Approximately 650 pages in length and generously illustrated it is a valuable reference for libraries and those interested in the story and drama of our non-conformist Christian heritage.  The book is $50, plus $16 postage/packaging to any Australian address.

Mission in the Musgraves Cover

“Mission in the Musgraves: Ernabella Mission, 1937-73, A Place of Relationships” by Rev Dr Bill Edwards.

Rev Dr Bill Edwards has sought to provide a record of 37 years of mission work at Ernabella. It is not, as he describes, a “definitative history of Ernabella Mission.” Instead, Rev. Dr. Edwards has described this as a “brief outline of the traditional life of the people who were the objects of this missionary endeavour, their initial contacts with the invading settler society and the establishment and early history of the mission.”

This book was published in 2012.

$10 (plus postage & handling)


Pioneering Para Plains

“Pioneering Para Plains: Early stories & Primitive Methodism at Burton & Bolivar” by Rev E.A. Curnow.  2007. $40 (plus postage & handling)

Rev Ted Curnow’s book on the settlement on Para Plains, S.A, has sold out two printings. A remarkable achievement in this ‘electronic’ age! A third printing has now been produced and is available only at the Uniting Church History Centre, Black Forest, South Australia.

Fascinating stories capture local history spanning 100 years with details of the early days of Burton/Bolivar area west of Salisbury.

The heart of the small community revolved around the local Chapel, the arrival of a ‘fiery’ Methodist missionary, also the roadside hotel that served the Burra teamsters, farmers and hay carters.

The detailed history of the Chapel, its expansion north and its one-teacher school are central to a unique story preserved for your enjoyment in this well researched and presented book by Ted Curnow. The foreword is by well-known local author, Max Fatchen.

In addition, a separate Index is now available at a cost of $5.    If required, this should be ordered, as indicated below, at the same time as ordering the book.