Lectures and Papers

The lectures and papers included here are some of those we have in our collection. Many were presented to the Methodist Historical Society (prior to 1977) and others have been part of the Society’s newsletters and journals. Many of these lectures and papers are available from the Society. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these (contact details on the right).
A number of these lectures and papers are now available on the Uniting Church Assembly’s online archive (illuminate.recollect.net.au). More will be added over time, and the available ones will be linked on this page.

The Gorden Rowe Memorial Lectures are listed separately here

01Methodism on the Copper Mines of Yorke PeninsulaRev. G. B. Rowe19 Sept 19511951
02Our Bible Christian HeritageRev. W. T. Shapley29 Feb 19521952
03History of the Primitive Methodist ConnexionRev. C. B. Holmes27 Feb 19531953
04The Contribution of early Wesleyan Methodism to the United ChurchRev. E. M. Ingamells01 March 19541954
05The Origin and Development of Methodism in the south-east of South AustraliaRev. B. H. Phillips25 Feb 19551955
06Methodism in Mt. Barker and adjacent circuitsRev. V. H. Goldney12 Oct 19551955
07Methodism on Eyre PeninsulaRev. S. G. Forth02 March 19561956
08Methodism in the Willunga CircuitRev. J. H. Pointon01 March 19571957
09Methodism in the Maitland DistrictRev. F. W. Brasher21 Feb 19581958
10Meadows MethodismRev. W. B. Kelley1958
11Early History of the Kapunda Methodist CircuitMr W. S. Kelly1959
12Methodism on the Gawler PlainsMr. L. Roberts1960
13Methodism at PlymptonRef. F. E. Tregilgas(unpublished)
14Methodism in the Ardrossan areaRev. G. A. Wrigth1960
15Burra, its mines and MethodismRev. H. Alvey1961
16Methodism in Auburn and DistrictRev. I. Paull1961
17Methodism in the Payneham CircuitRev. R. S. Brown1961
18The Shape of Things to ComeRev. W. F. Hambly(unpublished)
19The Gateway to the Flinders (Wilmington Circuit)Rev. G. W. Shapley1964/65
20Naracoorte Methodist Church – the beginningMr. A. C. DeGaris1967 in Vol. 1 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
21A History of Methodism in Port Augusta, 1866 – 1963Rev. T. J. Oates 1967 in Vol. 1 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
22Jubilee of the Chapman-Alexander Bible InstituteRev. G. B. Stribley1964
23Miss Kate Cocks – her life and workRev. G. W. Shapley1964
24John Wesley – his life and achievementsRev. W. Staffordunpublished
25Epworth Book Depot Inc. – centenary 1865-1965Rev. G.B Stribley1966
26Wallaroo MethodismRev. C. J. Davis1968 in Vol. 2 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
27Aspects of the history of Central Methodist Mission (Maughan Church)Mr. N. Hicks1966
(Portion of thesis)
28Barrier MethodismRev. C. L. H. Pitman1969 in Vol. 3 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
29Methodist Places of Worship in the City of AdelaideMr. C. Whiting
(delivered by G. B. Stribley)
30Methodism on the MurrayRev. L. Atkinsonunpublished
31Influence of Cornwall on S.A. MethodismMrs P. Somerville1972 in Vol. 4 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
32“Griff” (Rev. Harry Griffiths and Methodist Inland Mission)Mr. E. R. Sexton09 May 19691969
33The Methodist Church and Social Problems in S.A. during the years 1900-1952Rev. T. R. Hayward02 Oct 1969Copy of thesis in collection
34Contemporary British MethodismRev. G. O’Neill28 May 1970unpublished
35Kent Town Methodist ChurchRev. W. B. Kelley02 Oct 19701972 in Vol. 4 of Journal of South Australian Methodist Historical Society
36Story of the Kent Town Methodist Choir during the conductorship of Dr. E. Harold Davis (Elder Professor of Music, University of Adelaide)Mr. L. H. Chambers09 June 1971unpublished
37Life and times of Dr. W. G. TorrMr. P. M. T. Tilbrook20 Jun 1972(Inaugural G. Rowe Lecture)
38South Australian Methodist Publications of the 19th centuryRev. O. Roberts22 Oct 1971unpublished
39Sister DoraMrs. G. M. Stodart13 Oct 1972unpublished
40Serena Thorne’s Diary 1870 – A RomanceMr. E. R. Sexton25 May 1973Published in No.1 Newsletter of the UCSA Historical Society
41Pirie Street Church
1849 – 1972
Mr. J. D. Everett24 Oct 19731973
42Methodism in the Unley areaMr. D. Goldney08 May 1974Published in Methodism in Unley – 1980
Copies of the book are available
43Methodism in the Clare DistrictStan G. Forth18 Oct 19741974
(2nd Gordon Rowe Lecture)
44Methodism Militant: Attitudes to the Great War Rev. Dr. A. D. Hunt29 Oct 19751975
45Methodism in the Mallee during the DepressionRev. A. E. Vogt05 Nov 1976unpublished
46A Tall Cedar in our Lebanon: Hugh Gilmore and Primitive MethodismDr. A.D. Hunt4 Nov 19773rd Gordon Rowe Lecture
47The State, the Church and Kuitpo ColonyDr. N. Hicks05 May 1978Published in No.3 Newsletter – 1978
48Churches along the South CoastRev. J. Cameron01 Dec 1978Report in No. 4 Newsletter
49“Winifred”: Rev. Winifred KiekMrs M. Knauerhase11 May 1979Summary of lecture in No. 5 Newsletter
Booklet (Lutheran Publishing House)
50“Nikolo” (Rev. R. C. Nicholson)Rev. R. S. Brown09 Nov 1979Published in Newsletter No. 8 – Sept. 1980
51Port Pirie Central Mission, 1939 – 43Rev. A. E. Vogt05 Mar 1980unpublished
52E. S. Kiek: his life and thoughtRev. Dr W. W. Phillips28 Nov 19801981
(4th G. Rowe Lecture)
53Early Methodism in the Adelaide HillsDr. A. D. Hunt05 Nov 19811981
54Early Presbyterianism in S.A.Rev. R. J. Scrimgeour26 Mar 19821982
55From Darley to CampbelltownMr. J. D. Everett21 Apr 1982Published by Pan Press
56Popular Revivalism in S.ADr. D. Hilliard5 Nov 19821982
(5th Gordon Rowe Lecture)
57George Taplin and the AboriginesRev. J. A. Cameron11 Mar 1983Published in Newsletter No. 18 – May, 1983
58The Bible Christians in S.ADr. A. D. Hunt11 Nov 1983
59Crusades, campaigns and missionMr. Brian Chalmers16 Mar 1984Thesis – copy in collection
60Stow Church and its prominent membersMr. B. Jones03 Jun 1985unpublished
61Prince Alfred CollegeDr. R. M. Gibbs08 Nov 19851986
(6th Gordon Rowe lecture)
62Denominational histories of three denominationsW. J. Stafford,
B. Jones,
R. J. Scrimgeour
25 Sept 1986
63Joseph Kirby, pastor and social reformerRev. D. Eland22 Nov 1987Published in the Proceedings of the UC Historical Society of Victoria – vol. 5:1
64Wesley, Conscience & WarRev. Dr. Norman Young30 May 19881988
(7th G. Rowe Lecture)
65New Guinea Methodism in war and peaceRev. R. S. Brown12 May 19891989
66Nurseries for Christians?Rev. B. W. Kelley10 Nov 19891990
67Percy Chennell: the man who stopped the lotteryDr. J. Raftery18 March 19901990
68Congregational Theological Education in S.A.Rev. J. A. Cameron02 Nov 1990unpublished
69Primitive Methodism in The Salisbury District
70Christian presence in medical careRev. F. Hansen08 Nov 19911991
(8th G. Rowe Lecture)
71South Australian Methodists and working-class organisationsDr. J. Ellis03 Apr 19921992
72Sunset Rock ChurchRev. T. R. Hayward14 Nov 19931993
73‘Can we whose souls are lighted’: Methodist Overseas MissionsRev. G. Hodges11 Mar 19941994
74‘God loves a cheerful giver’: Protestant philanthropy in 19th CenturyMr. R. Linn11 Nov 19941994
(9th G. Rowe Lecture)
75History of the Methodist Deaconess order in S.A.Rev. B. Hancock19 Nov 19951995
76Ecumenism by default: London Missionary SocietyDr. Niel Gunson15 Nov 19961996
(10th G. Rowe Lecture)
77Methodist Order of Knights and Girls ComradeshipRev. G. W. Potter11 Apr 19971997
78His Spirit comes: Bible Christian churches on Balaklava & Wakefield PlainsRev. E. A. Curnow16 Nov 19971997
79The Romance of Faith: the life and work of Brian WibberleyRev. L. Kelsall29 Mar 19981998
80Final Pageant: the past, present and future of deatDr. R. Nicol15 Nov 19981998
(11th G. Rowe Lecture)
81The Moravian Aboriginal MIssions 1850 – 1917Rev. W. Edwards09 Apr 19991999
82History of Tertiary Chaplaincy in S.A.Rev. J. Winn12 Nov 1999unpublished
83‘Doing it hard’: Tom Willason & the Port Adelaide Central Mission during the DepressionDr. B. Dickey07 Apr 2000Published in book on history of Port Adelaide Central Mission
84Early Methodists on Salisbury PlainsMr. J. Potter12 Nov 2000Published in book on Salisbury
85Methodist HymnodyMr. K. Hastie23 Apr 2001unpublished
(12th G. Rowe Lecture)
86A Matter of Pride: ordination of women in Congregational Union Australia, 1927-77Ms. J. Pitman09 Nov 20012001
87The excitable little pastor: the ministry of Rev. J. Day Thompson in the North Adelaide Primitive Methodist Circuit (1892-98)Rev. K. Secomb21 Apr 20022002
88Helping Hand Aged Care: developing a service – 1953-2002Dr. P. Payne22 Nov 20022002
89Nunyara: highlights of 101 yearsMr. B. Blackburn23 Apr 20032003
90Bereavement and memorial notices as counter point to devout enlistment, 1914-1918Mr. P. Barreira21 Nov 20032003
91Liturgy from the ground up: a Uniting Church journey, 1975-90Rev. Dr. H. D. Wood13 Aug 20042004
92Where’s the platform? Slices from the story of SA Methodist Christian Education, 1904-1984Rev. Dr. M. L. McArthur19 Nov 20042004