September Newsletter

The September newsletter has recently been sent to members. Unfortunately, due to an issue with the post, a small number of members did not received their newsletter. If you have not received your newsletter (either print or email), please contact the centre, and we will arrange for you to get your newsletter.

Recent meeting…

‘Leaders of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in SA’ Panel Discussion< >
Sunday 8 October, Brougham Place Uniting Church at 2:30pm

Society Gathering - Sunday 8 October)

A handout on some of those involved in the Women’s Suffrage Movement in South Australia is available.



This remarkable story documented for the first time in detail from first-hand colonial reports, captures the passion of ministers and lay people alike to build chapels and to establish a ‘new world’ on Christian values. They leftTeds Book Cover their homeland, family and friends to venture into an arid frontier on the other side of the world. The Movement was born in controversy and its story still reaches out to challenge the status quo and mediocrity of our times. The book describes an impossible mission built on the ‘pennies and prayers of the poor’ amid isolation, sickness, sacrifice, exciting revivals and growth. It details the history and describes many small country chapels with numerous names of early settlers. Approximately 650 pages in length and generously illustrated it is a valuable reference for libraries and those interested in the story and drama of our non-conformist Christian heritage.  The book is $50, plus $16 postage/packaging to any Australian address.

The launch of this new publication was held on SUNDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2015, 3 pm at Church of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Road Clarence Park SA 5034.

To order this publication please contact us.