Gordon Rowe Memorial Lectures

The Reverend Gordon Rowe was a Foundation Member of the South Australian Methodist Historical Society in 1950. He was President of the Society from 1953 to 1961. After his death in 1968, his family established an endowment which periodically finances a Gordon Rowe Memorial Lecture.

The following list of Gordon Rowe Memorial lectures are available in print from the Society (contact details on the right).

Date Lecturer Title Available
31 Oct 2014 William W. Emilsen Why Uniting Church History matters Yes
23 Apr 01 Mr. K. Hastie Methodist Hymnody
12th Gordon Rowe Lecture
15 Nov 98 Dr. R. Nicol Final Pageant: the past, present and future of death
11th Gordon Rowe Lecture
15 Nov 1996 Dr. Niel Gunson Ecumenism by default: (London Missionary Society)
10th Gordon Rowe Lecture
11 Nov 1994 Mr. R. Linn ‘God loves a cheerful giver”: Protestant philanthropy in 19th Century
9th Gordon Rowe Lecture
8 Nov 1991 Rev. F. Hansen Christian presence in medical care
8th Gordon Rowe lecture
30 May 1988 Rev. Dr.Norman Young Wesley, Conscience & War
7th Gordon Rowe Lecture
8 Nov 1985 Dr. R.M. Gibbs Prince Alfred College
6th Gordon Rowe Lecture
5 Nov 1982 Dr. D.Hilliard Popular Revivalism in S.A.
5th Gordon Rowe Lecture
28 Nov 1980 Rev Dr. W.W. Phillips E.S. Kiek: his life and thought
4th Gordon Rowe Lecture
4 Nov 1977 Dr. A.D. Hunt A Tall Cedar in our Lebanon: Hugh Gilmore and Primitive Methodism
3rd Gordon Rowe Lecture
18 Oct 1974 Stan G. Forth Methodism in the Clare District
2nd Gordon Rowe Lecture
20 June 1972 Mr. P.M.T.Tilbrook Life and Times of Dr. W.G. Torr
(Inaugural G. Rowe lecture)