March 04

1866The Allendale Presbyterian Church opened
1868The foundation stone of the Summertown Tregarthen Bible Christian Chapel (the 1st chapel, and now the Summertown Uniting Church) was laid
1884The foundation stone of the Mount Barker Dunn Memorial Wesleyan Church (now the Mount Barker Uniting Church) was laid by Mrs Jane Dunn (the second wife of John Dunn)
1893The foundation stone of the Mylor Wesleyan Church (now the Mylor Uniting Church) was laid by Rev R Kelly, President of the Conference
1922The foundation stone of the Barmera Congregational Church (now the Barmera Uniting Church) was laid by the Rev. George Rayner
1939The foundation stone of the Burnside Christian Church (the second church) was laid by Pastor R J Burrow

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